Whenever I have gone to the beach, I have noticed sandbars, equally spread throughout the water. After doing the textbook reading, I now know that the sandbars are formed by what is called longshore currents (waves that move at an angle towards the shore). This happens when longshore currents erode materials from the shoreline. The eroded material can be transported into the water which creates a landform in open water.

Mount Vesuvius

     One similarity between the Pompeii movie and what we have learned so far is the earthquake that happened right before the big eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. We have learned that it is common to have an earthquake right before a volcano erupts, and that is what happened in the Pompeii movie. Another similarity between the movie and what we have learned is the pyroclastic ash that came from Mount Vesuvius. We have learned that pyroclastic material comes from explosive eruptions. However, Vesuvius has erupted with lava and with pyroclastic material.

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51WRBDTCN6L__bL160_I gave Princess in Love a 9 because I didn’t think that it was as good as some of the other Princess Diaries books that I have read. Although, I liked it because Mia finally gets her life under control, such as: her friends, her family, her school life, and her Princess career. I can’t wait to read the next Princess Diaries to follow Mia through her princess career.

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violaOne major external conflict in Viola in Reel Life is when Viola gets mad and starts yelling at her parents for not coming back from Afghanistan to the boarding school for Christmas. Viola soon realized after she had yelled at her parents that the reason they couldn’t come back is because they couldn’t afford to. One major internal conflict in Viola in Reel Life is when Viola is deciding whether or not to move out of the room that she is currently in with her roomates to a single room just down the hall.

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n49305A minor character that had major importance in Princess in the Spotlight was Mia’s real dad, Prince Phillipe. Even though he wasn’t a main character, he still helped Mia in overcoming the stress that she was having about school, her mother named Helen, and her grandmother named Grandmere. Grandmere was always strict towards Mia when she would go to her daily princess lessons. What Prince Phillipe did that was so significant to Mia was that he stood up to Grandmere (His own mother!) in honor of Mia.

A Christmas Carol– Quote

ebenezer_scrooge_sticker-p217763243215007102qjcl_400“Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!” –Marley

     The meaning of this quote is that Marley’s main business is helping people and benefiting his society. Marley says that his actual “business” and work with Scrooge was such a small part of his “business” and not nearly as important as being a benefactor to society. I love the simile that Charles Dickens uses when he says, “The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!”  This links to our own lives because being a  benefactor to society is better than being someone who says “Bah Humbug” to just about everything. It is possible to be a beneactor and still have a job at the same time. 


Things Not Seen

cover--things_not_seenLast year, I saw so many people reading Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements. I decided to give this book a try and see how I liked it. It turns out that I loved Things Not Seen. I spent the entire weekend reading it which is surprising for me because usually I don’t spend a whole weekend reading a book.

I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with finding something to read. This book has a little bit of everything in it. It has mystery, adventure, suspense, and friendships. The best of all, it is a series! So, next time you’re wondering what to read, pick up Things not Seen by Andrew Clements.